KMF is an organization founded by aspirator and main architect, Rev. Dr. Kay Morris. She is a multi award winningGrammy Considered, International Reggae Gospel Recording Artist; she is also an Ordained Reverend and Bishop. Kay Morris’ musical work preceded her in Africa;while she was on tour in Ghana and Nigeria, she saw the plight of the marginalized children and women and decided to use her gift of music to advocate against poverty and HIV/AIDS.  In 2004 she carried out her first mission to West Africa. She uses her music as a fund-raising tool for her charitable causes; as well as a platform to raise awareness and make a difference in the lives of children orphaned by AIDS in Africa. She speaks at many youth and women empowerment conferences and is a mentor to many youths in Canada, Africa, Jamaica and other parts of the world.  In 2006, Dr. Kay Morris brokered $1.5 million dollars in anti-retro viral meds for people living with HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. She was enstooled and given a Royal Title Queen Nana Oye Sika I in Ghana, in honor of her humanitarian work.

Kay Morris holds an Honorary Doctor of Humanities Degree and an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree. In 2019, Dr. Kay Morris received the UN ECOSOC World Excellence Sustainable Development Achievement Award and was appointed as UN Peaceful Ambassador to represent the ACCP at the UN Headquarters. Kay Morris is alsorecipient of other prestigious awards such as: Nelson Mandela Humanitarian Award, Nelson Mandela Memorial Award and BEFFTA Global Humanitarian Award.


Kay Morris Foundation (“KMF”) is a Federally Incorporated Non-Profit NGO dedicated to improving the lives of children and youths in Canada, Africa, and other Third World Countries.

Our Motto:
The Voice of the Voiceless.

The Mission:
To work in accordance to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) by offering mentoring programs to marginalized children and youths (ages 12 to 21) through our “Reach For The Stars” Mentoring Initiative in Canada; we are inspiring/empowering Gen-Next to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed and promote sustainable development; by offering resources in the prevention and awareness of HIV/AIDS, Maternal Mortality and Malaria; by providing preventative education/school supplies through our Tools 2 Learn Program; by providing hospital beds/basic medical supplies through our Beds For Jamaica Project (BFJA); by providing non-perishable food items, clothing, and toiletries for a healthier society throughout our communities in Canada, Africa, Jamaica and other Third World Countries.

The Objectives:
To relieve poverty in developing nations by providing food and other basic supplies to persons in need.

To develop or promote public health in developing nations by educating and instructing the public on prevention of, and curative measures for, health problems and by researching and documenting changes in the health of the community.

The Vision:
To improve the health and wellness of marginalized children and youths and feeding the homeless in Canada, providing the necessities of life to women/children, and alleviating poverty in Africa & other Third World Countries

Kay Morris Foundation partners with local groups, the private sector, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations in Canada, Thé Caribbean and Africa to mobilize the human, intellectual and other material resources that is required to provide primary healthcare needs to aid impoverished communities. KMF partners with The Sanmerna Foundation in Kingston, Jamaica, Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC), The Knights Table in the Region of Peel. We have also partnered with the Ghana AIDS Commission, the UNHCR in Ghana, and the Youth Bridge Foundation in Ghana.


       KMF Board Of Directors


Kay Morris Foundation P.O. Box 59076, 7205 Goreway Drive Mississauga, Ontario L4T 4J1

Phone: 416-844-7038
Email: info@kaymorrisfoundation.com

Renee Campbell

Entrepreneur and Wife

Kay Morris

President/Founder, Int'l Recording
Artist & Ordained Reverend

Sandi Destonis

Board Member &
KMF Photographer