Kay Morris empowers students in Mississauga, Canada

The Mission of the Kay Morris Foundation (KMF) is:

To help bridge the gap of sickness and poverty to deprived children and pregnant women, by offering resources in the prevention and awareness of HIV/AIDS, Maternal Mortality and Malaria; by providing preventative education, basic medical supplies, clothes, toiletries, and school supplies, for a healthier society throughout our communities, Canada and the nation of Africa.

35 Beds for Jamaica

I received a donation of 35 hospital beds from Baycrest Hospital in Toronto and thank them for their generous donation. I will be sending them to two hospitals in Western Jamaica (Sav La Mar and Black River Hospital). I urgently need your help to ship these 35 beds because I simply cannot do it alone. This is a live-saving initiative and it is my hope that these beds will help to save the lives of children and adults who are becoming victims of the dilapidated health care system in Jamaica.

The Mission of the Kay Morris Foundation (KMF)

caters to women and children (orphans), by providing them with the necessities of life. We donate clothing, toiletries, toys, and non perishable food items to orphanages and women’s shelters. KMF also participate in a homeless feeding program in the Region of Peel, Canada.

The Objectives of the Kay Morris foundation (KMF) are:

To relieve poverty in developing nations by providing food and other basic supplies to persons in need.

The Vision of the Kay Morris Foundation (KMF) is:

To improve the standard of living alleviating sickness and poverty in Africa & other parts of the world.


The Voice of The Voiceless.

Funded By:

KMF is excited to receive a 40K Grant from Second Harvest and Government of Canada for our Meals In Motion Food Security Program which will benefit marginalized people in vulnerable communities in the Region of Peel and the GTA.

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Kay Morris Foundation
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Phone: (416) 844-7038
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Renee Campbell

Entrepreneur and Wife

Kay Morris

President/Founder and
Global Humanitarian

Micheal Savory

KMF Board Member
(Marketing/Advertising Coordinator)