Kay Morris Foundation (KMF) is a certified incorporated Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organization, registered in both Canada and Ghana respectively.

Kay Morris


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    KMF seeks to releve poverty in African nations by providing the necessities of life

  • Youth


    KMF partners with local groups, the private sector, government agencies and non-governmental organizations.

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    KMF provides and delivers healthcare resources, and educational materials to communities and institutions in Africa.


To help to bridge the gap of sickness and poverty to deprived children and pregnant women, by offering resources in the prevention and awareness of HIV/AIDS, Maternal Mortality and Malaria. Providing preventative education, basic medical supplies, clothes, toiletries and school supplies for a healthier society throughout our communities, Canada and the nation of Africa.

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  • HIV-AIDS supplies 
  • giving a teddy bear 

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KMF hosts events.
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